Beans with Sausages recipe in Cauldron

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Beans with Sausages recipe in Cauldron


Beams 1 kg
Smoked Sausage 250 grams
Tomatoes 100 grams
Green onions 100 grams
Paprika 10 grams
Dill 10 grams
Salt 10 grams
Black pepper 10 grams
Water 2 liters
Carrot 1
Parsnip 1

Hello, Cooking Bro brings you today an outdoor cooking recipe made in a cauldron, beans with Sausages recipe in Cauldron.

As you can see into our video tutorial we will cook it in a pan on a grill outside in the forest.


  1. The first thing that we have to do is to cut 50 grams of bacon into small pieces, then add the pieces into the cauldron. Mix it untill the bacon gets a nice golden look.
  2. Now we also have to cut the sausages into small pieces and add them on top of the bacon in the cauldron and mix the together very good.
  3. Now we have to cut the carrot and the parsnip into small pieces, add them to the mix and also put half od the beans (500grams) into the pot.
  4. We will cut the green onion, add it to the mix and after that add the rest of beans together with the dill.
  5. When the mix boils we will add water and leave it boil for about 30 minutes.
  6. After the 30 minutes passed we will slice all the tomatoes and add them. In 10 minutes our composition should be thicker.
  7. Now our recipe is ready and can be server along fresh green onion.
  8. Good Appetite.

Watch now how to make Beans with Sausages recipe in Cauldron – Video Tutorial

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