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How to Make Tortellini with Fresh Pasta B.B.D by Cooking Bro

how tortellini is made

How to make Tortellini at Pasta Fresca B.B.D in the city of Arad in Romania, clip made by Cooking Bro. How tortellini is made in a pasta factory. Elixir pasta company -BBD SRL It is a laboratory for the production of traditional Italian raw pasta, simple or stuffed, made according to original recipes, with great respect for the tastes of customers. Our products are of superior quality, they have a particularly pleasant aroma and taste, which you can enjoy only when you try them. We have created top quality products, using fresh ingredients (eggs from free farms, high quality flour, spices, etc.), which are essential for a guaranteed and unique final product of “FRESH PASTA”. PRODUCTS CREATED BY US ARE MARKETED AT OUR WAREHOUSE LOCATED: phone: 0748519640/0749393769